Healer, Heal Thyself... 

Want greater clarity, confidence, and impact when supporting others in their healing journey? 

It starts with YOU.


  • You’ve tried reading all of the books, listening to podcasts, hiring coaches, joining course after course just looking for that “magic pill” health or life hack that will fix everything... but you end up just as confused and stuck on what to do next as you were before.  
  • You've tried various therapies, treatments, diets, pills, and more on your own and are READY to take back ownership and power of your health + life.
  • You have chronic health challenges that are holding you back, such as chronic pain, fatigue, skin issues, digestive issues, endometriosis, autoimmunity & are looking for deeper holistic support.
  • You frequently ask What the heck am I supposed to do with my life?
  • You feel stuck, unmotivated, and overwhelmed and struggle to follow through on your plans and goals. 
  • You’re ready to stop second guessing yourself all of the time and start trusting your intuition. 
  • You feel something is off and related to a deeper soul-level, & want to empower yourself with spiritual & nourishment tools
  • You wish someone would just take you by the hand and show you how to finally feel confident and have a roadmap, and that you had access to a coach and a community of like-minded folx to help support you along the way.
  • You are being called to go DEEP with your soul journey and nourish ALL parts of you - body, mind, & soul.

“I can’t believe how different things are in my life now from when we began..., not just health but LIFE. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for you and the coaching and caring you’ve provided. Thank you for your eternal awesomeness! You offer a customized program and real life tools to help you live healthier while still being social in our toxic, stressful world. The program was great and you are great. Just great." ~ Sarah Ghorbanian, Chiropractor

Imagine what it will feel like when you've reconnected with your intuition & spiritual guidance, & let go of all of the doubts, fear, and uncertainty that are holding you back from healing & living your dream life... 

⭐️ You have a clear vision and know the next steps on your journey

⭐️ You have transformational tools and insight to navigate and overcome blocks that used to hold you back

⭐️ You experience more balance, ease, and peace in your daily life

⭐️ You’re done with hustling all day every day and you feel supported and wildly rooted.

⭐️ You have clear aligned goals and an action plan for how you’re going to achieve them.

⭐️ You have a deeper connection to source and your body so that you no longer have to reach outside of yourself

⭐️ You gain clarity and experience shifts and Aha’s related to your health & soul path

⭐️ You create, serve, & live in a way that honors your rhythms & cycles

star You’re showing up as the powerful healer you are and are being seen as your authentic Self, attracting the exact people and opportunities for your soul growth  

Clarity, Confidence, & Guidance With Akashic Records & Radical Nourishment

My life transformed when I started working with the Akashic Records, combining it with the powerful nourishment tools I had as a holistic nutritionist + healer.

As I began accessing my own Akashic Records for personal healing, connecting with my higher self, my guides + teachers, & simply the energy of Akasha, major shifts began to happen...

  • Things that I felt confused about previously became crystal clear.
  • My intuition skyrocketed and I *knew* things that I didn't before.
  • My health began to shift because I was communicating with my body consistently & actually LISTENING (goodbye chronic acne & fatigue!).
  • My soul path began to unfold more rapidly and with more ease.

I developed such a fierce knowing of who I was and my purpose, and a confidence that carried me through many challenges to come.

I felt more connected to my own body, emotions, and spirit than ever before. And I no longer felt "alone" in this journey.

It was literally like having my own health & spiritual coach in my back pocket (or maybe a spiritual Siri in the iCloud is more like it).

And that was just in my personal life! When I started incorporating Akashic Records into my sessions with clients, my work was brought to another level.  

That's what I now desire to share with you...  

Venessa is multidimensional and unique in her approach, bringing together her spiritual wisdom as well as detailed scientific knowledge about gut health, neurotransmitters, food and mood, systems in the body and how it all comes together. I feel completely supported by her in terms of my health and nourishment.  

Her akashic reading was profound and touched my soul in just the right way for my healing path and spiritual nutrition. Her intuitive nature helped me feel more confident in my own intuition whether that be about eating or my spiritual knowing. Venessa is a gem!”  

~ Candice Wu, Holistic Healer, Intuitive Coach, Host of The Embody Podcast

You were never meant to do it alone... 

And you don't have to sacrifice your energy, happiness, health, or Self in order to achieve the fullest expression of your soul path & gifts. 

But if you don't have guidance and community to help you along the way, it is easy to give up, stay confused and in pain, make excuses, self-sabotage and never end up creating the life you really want to have.  



A 90 Day group experience that guides heart-centered healers, holistic practitioners, & coaches to cultivate intuitive connection with Akashic Records, conscious healing and soul alignment within their OWN health and lives, so they can support others to do the same. 

I created the CHRONIC TO CREATRIX Akashic Experience to reconnect you to the very source of your power, intuition, and inner guidance, so you can use that connection to support your healing journey & highest vision for your life AND share your gifts with the world.  


Here’s what Chelsea had to say about Chronic to Creatrix™:

"I will be forever grateful for the beauty and depth of this experience. Venessa masterfully created a sacred community space as a container for us to take a deep dive into our own healing journeys. I gathered so many transformational tools during my participation in this course, and the sense of community and commitment to the group supported me in grounding my personal practices. The soulful gifts of this experience continue to reverberate through my cells on a daily basis!  

Venessa’s holistic approach helped me to step into a path of healing that is deeply intuitive, personal and multi-dimensional. After years of struggling with a variety of health issues and seeing multiple specialists in a variety of Eastern and Western modalities, through her wise and empathic presence, Venessa helped me tap into my own inner healer. Working with Venessa has been a gift beyond measure.”

~ Chelsea Feldman, Educator & Earth Mama  

Here’s what Cat had to say about Chronic to Creatrix™:

"Before the program, I had challenges with my skin and felt overwhelmed and didn't know what to do. Since the program, I have a new found sense of confidence in the decisions I make around my health and my connection to Akashic Records. I've also come out of the "spiritual closet", strengthened my relationship with Akashic Records so that I can get more specific answers from my guides now, & I actually love cooking.

As someone who's done a lot of self work in wellness, I know I have all the tools, the internet, etc., but having that support system and guide to hold you accountable makes all the difference. Thanks for being that leader for me!"

~ Cat Aldana, Founder of EAT STRETCH NAP™  

Ready to bridge the mystical with the practical?


Combining a systematic and intuitive approach with the Akashic Records, functional nourishment tools, transformational coaching, and community support from like-hearted healers, Chronic to Creatrix will assist you in bringing greater clarity, alignment & healing in your OWN health & life so that you can step more fully into your soul purpose & gifts, serve from an empowered place of embodied leadership and make a greater impact doing what you love.  

What are the Akashic Records?

Imagine the insights that can be gained if we can tap into your very own “soul file” in a Google-like energetic database that holds the vibrational imprints of your soul, soul’s history and purpose in this life! 

That’s exactly what Akashic Records can provide… together we’ll connect with your Masters, Teachers, Guides & Loved Ones to gain a deeper understanding & perspective to courageously make quantum leaps in your life.

The Akashic Records can provide unlimited guidance & are always available for inspiration in your life. As a guiding light, they act as a road map or GPS that can guide you on your soul’s journey - the perfect complement to any healing work you’re already doing!  

  • Reconnect with core essence of the Self & your soul’s purpose + path  
  • Gain insight & clarity on old patterns, beliefs, blockages and receive healing tools  
  • Align with ascended Masters for guidance, healing, empowerment, higher consciousness awareness & awakenings

Listen to my informative podcast episode below to learn more: Akashic Records 101: Accessing Powerful Soul Messages for Clarity, Healing & Growth

Our Sacred Journey :: An Overview


Throughout the 90 days, we will journey through the spiralic healing journey through the phases of our Sacred Ecology "wheel of life” ~ the Feed Your Wild Blueprint ~ as well as the new & full moons with their specific influences + themes.

You will learn to access your own Akashic Records for your personal healing and use, connecting with your guides and receiving guidance throughout the journey.

This is a co-creative customized experience! You get to bring your unique challenges & medicine, and we work together in collaboration & community with each other, & your Guides in the Akashic Records.

You will be guided with support with weekly live coaching as well as group connection in close-knit community, all virtual from the comfort of your home.

Together, we’ll build a customized plan for your health & life in ONE specific area so you can experience massive shifts this year.

What We’ll Cover Each Week

Here's what you'll learn inside the program...

When you join Chronic to Creatrix™ Akashic Experience, I’ll see you on our first weekly live coaching call (60 min) on Wednesday, January 22nd at 11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern Time!  

Can't come live? No worries, you can submit your questions in advance and all coaching calls are recorded.  

Module 0: C2C Foundations - Instant Access 

:: Module 1 :: MAP

Unravel Your Story + Map Your Sacred Ecology 

Map out your personal + physiological story using functional nourishment tools & playsheets to uncover the good, the ugly (yep, we’re going there), and the hidden gems that will unlock answers to your biggest questions so you know which area or challenge to focus on first, and what exactly to bring in as nourishment.

Available 1/19


Access Akashic Records + Intuitive Guidance

Learn how to access your own Akashic Records, what they are & work with your guides to connect with higher wisdom and soul-level messages throughout the program & beyond. 

*Please note: No alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours prior to all personal Akashic readings going forward as required to access the Akashic Records. See the FAQ for more details.

Available 1/26

:: Module 3 :: SEED

Envisioning + Intention Setting

Discover what awaits to be awakened, fed, nurtured. Awaken your seed, intentions & goals, get clear on what you desire and align your body with your soul for greater clarity, wholeness and healing.

Available 2/2

:: Module 4 :: CULTIVATE 

Clearing + Resetting

Press the reset button on your “ecology,” aka your internal “home” on all levels so you can clear toxic environments, limiting beliefs, old patterns and plant your desires in fertile soil.

Available 2/9


Honoring time & space for integration + insights

We build in space for the invaluable process of integration, allowing participants to dive deeper into the areas of focus we've covered thus far.

Available 2/16

:: Module 6 :: NOURISH

Replenish + Reignite

Create the right conditions for your physical, emotional, & spiritual body to heal, grow and see lasting results, and identify the best "foods" for your unique self. 

Available 2/23

:: Module 7 :: BLOOM

Pollinate, Share, & Shift the Terrain

Grow your roots into a new foundation of healthy living and shift the terrain by looking at our relationships and people in our lives, aka pollinators, to blossom within a supportive & safe environment.

Available 3/1

:: Module 8 :: RE-IMAGINE 

Spiral Growth, Imagination & Legacy

Laying the groundwork for your future expansion - sustain, maintain, & re-imagine from your "new normal."

Available 3/8

:: Module 9 :: LIFE AS CEREMONY

Closing Circle & Reflections

Honoring the spiralic nature of healing & life, we come together in sacred ceremony for closing our time together & moving onward fully integrated & supported.

Available 3/15


When you sign up, you'll also receive these bonuses released late January 2020, after you've been able to complete Phase 1 of the program! 


The Unveil 30 Day Clean Eating Program is an elimination diet-inspired program that arms you with a set of tools that will allow you to make better food choices for the rest of your life.

In this program, you’ll give your body the best chance to revitalize, improve your digestion, and eliminate the challenging foods that may be causing you health issues. This is a wonderful jumpstart for those seeking nutritional support & guidance for clean eating. (Value: $197)  

"I suffer from chronic joint pain and I'm not kidding, the last week and a half have been the most painless weeks in the last 3 years. I almost don't believe it myself. I also lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks, by the way. (Are you kidding me?)  

I can't thank you enough for your guidance throughout the process, you are onto something amazing with this work and you're changing people's lives. Doctors and prescription drugs haven't been able to help me, but this did. THANK YOU!!" ~ Brienne N.


Meditation is an essential practice to cultivate a strong intuitive connection with the Akashic Records, your guides, & inner compass. That’s why I’ve recorded Guided Meditations that you can use to assist you in connecting to the Akashic realm and intuitive insights! These meditations are perfect to use on-demand to help you connect with your future self, visualize your desired outcome, overcome doubt, and so much more! (Value: $111)  


The health of the gut is implicated in every single system in the body. You cannot address any major health issues without looking at the gut. Enjoy this gut-directed hypnosis audio, which have been shown to have great efficacy in gut-related issues, especially IBS. (Value: $47)  


Throughout the program you’ll be visited by guest experts in the field of plant medicine, meditation, mind-body, and divine spiritual growth. These 60 minute coaching calls will be a combination of intensive coaching and time for Q&A as well. Valuable skills will be learned, and fresh and inspiring connections will be made. (Value: $560)  

PAY IN FULL BONUS: 1:1 Akashic Reading with Venessa

When you pay in full, you'll have a 45-minute 1:1 Akashic Soul Record Reading with Venessa to use any time during the 3 months of the program! 

For those seeking a deeper personal exploration into life themes, challenges and purpose, a private Akashic soul record reading can provide great clarity and opportunity for shifts in your worldview. Ask and explore questions relating to healing themes and anything pertaining to the evolution of the present incarnation of your soul’s journey. (Value: $155)  

“I'm not one for words, so I've struggled to write down how amazing my Akashic reading experience with Venessa was. She made me feel very comfortable. I immediately knew that I was in good hands and that she had only good intentions for me. The reading brought so much up for me, and even now, several months later, I'm still receiving from that experience. Venessa is full of knowledge. Every day, I learn more from my reading. Seriously. I just had another Aha moment the other day while reading a book! It was a beautiful experience for me.” ~ Elaine Hoxie.

Here’s what Lily had to say about Chronic to Creatrix™:

"Before the program I was dealing with fatigue, lack of support, clarity + stamina. I was hesitant of doing yet another program & having info overload. Chronic to Creatrix has helped me to be more gentle with myself. I am embodying + expanding beautiful balance in my life!

Venessa is such a powerful, loving and clear conduit. The group coaching was great too... loved connecting in on a weekly basis. It was such a delight to learn from Venessa's generous and gentle wealth of wisdom. Thank you for weaving in so much goodness throughout!”

~ Lily Dueren, Vibrant Living Cultivatress at  

Here’s what Amy had to say about Chronic to Creatrix™:

"I've learned to trust myself more, to let go of self-judgement and self-criticism, to embrace the spiralic healing journey. Venessa really wants people to learn what works for them, to develop trust and intuition, not just tell people what to do.  

You have provided so much insight and held the space for so much self reflection. You've empowered me to take ownership over my life and my choices, allowing me to lean in to who I truly want to be... your services have been invaluable." 

~ Amy Mattias  

Doors to Chronic to Creatrix have closed!

Be among the first to know when we open our doors again to go through Chronic to Creatrix Akashic Experience together as a collective...


There has never been a better time to get in touch with your intuition and become the Creatrix of your life.

I want you to take a minute and picture where you want to be 3 or 5 years from now...  

Now let me ask you this:  

Do you honestly believe that if you kept doing things exactly the same as you are right now, that you’d end up where you want to be?  

The answer is no!  

The only way to get a different result is to do things differently!  

Don’t let another few months or even years pass you by...  

The longer you wait, the farther you’ll be from your goal and the harder it will be to make up the difference.  

Chronic to Creatrix™ Akashic Experience is perfect for you if you are a holistic healer or helper who is ready to feel EMPOWERED, deeply connected to your creative power, intuition + nature, fully embodied in your knowing & capacity for healing...

This program is NOT for you if

  • You are looking for a certification and/or complete Akashic Record training - we will only cover how to open and use the records to read your OWN Akashic Records for personal use.  
  • You are not ready to dive deep into ALL aspects of the self, including the dark and shadowy bits.  
  • You are not ready to empower your Self or you are looking for quick fixes.
  • You aren’t willing to change your beliefs about the way the world works and how you experience it.

This program is for you if

  • You are open minded and ready to learn something new.
  • You are ready to take action and make changes in the way you do things!.
  • You’re ready to stop looking for a “magic pill” strategy and start looking inward for answers and guidance.
  • You are motivated and ready to create a life full of ease, joy, and soul connection! 
  • You crave REAL connection with SPIRIT + other SOULFUL changemakers who are on a similar path.

Risk Free Guarantee

I wholeheartedly believe in Chronic to Creatrix Akashic Experience and have many satisfied students and clients. But I want you to feel confident in trying it out for yourself!  

 That's why we have a 100% Risk Free Guarantee. If during the first week of the program you decide it’s not for you, you can request a full refund by emailing our team.  

All refund requests must be made by Friday, January 24 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.  

After that, there will be no refunds and you are responsible for making all of your payments in full. 



Enroll in Chronic to Creatrix Akashic Experience. Join the next session with payment plans or the full-pay option. You can pay with either PayPal or credit card.


You'll receive an email with all the details within 24 hrs. Content release dates, log in information, and the answers to some common questions.


You'll get immediate access to the program. The Welcome and C2C Foundations Module will be waiting for you, so you can dive right in and get started!

“You're wonderful, hopeful, patient, knowledgeable, understanding, realistic, and a great listener. I've already been recommending your service because I believe you can help improve many more lives just like you helped me. I feel much healthier & I've learned a lot about my body and what it needs.” ~ Rebecca Danae Cortes

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the program dates? The 90 day experience kicksoff on Jan 19, 2020 when Module 1 goes live and the modules will be released every Sunday through March 15, 2020 - or until all modules are released.  

The weekly group coaching calls are on Wednesdays at 11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern!  

Our first weekly live coaching call (60 min) is on Wednesday, January 22nd.

How big is the group? We are only holding space for a limited number of participants (under 30) so that we can have a deeper experience with one another and an intimate journey. Spots will go fast!

Who can join? This experience is open to ALL folks whom identify as holistic healers or helpers - no matter color, race, ethnicity, gender, etc that you identify with! Whether you’re an aspiring healer or an established practitioner ready to go to the next level, I can’t wait to meet you :)

Where are the calls held? We will meet virtually LIVE on Zoom, from the comfort of your own home. You’ll receive detailed call info as we get closer to start dates.

What is the time commitment? You will be joining a weekly group call that is 60 min long, and you can expect to have personal practices/exercises to do each week that average 2-3 hours per week. This may include but is not limited to daily intuitive practices, exercises working with Akashic Records, personal assessment and development tools, intentionally creating space for this deep work. A big component of this program will be working on “creating space” in our busy schedules for our own nourishment & growth!

How do the group coaching calls work? The weekly group coaching calls are held for 60-minutes on Wednesdays at 11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern unless otherwise stated.  

I am here to be your coach! That means that your questions can be about anything you’d like support with, regardless of what week we are in within the program!  

You’ll have a chance to submit your questions in advance as well as ask on the live call.  

Even if you don’t have a question or can’t make the calls live, there is tremendous value in listening to others on the calls. While everyone is on their own unique journey, you’ll quickly see that the things that hold one person back may be what is holding you back as well. Plus, you’ll be able to gain insight into questions or limiting beliefs you didn’t even know you had!

Any requirements for this program? Aside from showing up with an open heart & mind, the only requirement is that there is no alcohol or recreational drugs use allowed 24 hours prior to all personal Akashic readings (including Module 2) as required to access the Akashic Records. Seeing as you will be expected to work with the Records regularly after the first week, please take this requirement into serious consideration and adjust plans accordingly.

Do I get support, community, or 1:1 access to you? You’ll have access to 3 months of group coaching through the private Facebook Group and weekly live coaching calls!  

Like anything in life, you’ll get out of this experience what you put into it. If you post in the group, reply to other people’s posts, and come to the calls, you will have every opportunity to get your questions answered, get feedback, build relationships, and foster a real community.  

On our group coaching calls, you’ll be able to ask questions and I will answer them live with the whole group on the call. It is like 1:1 coaching but in a group setting!  

If you’re looking for more 1:1 support, then pay in full in order to get a 1:1 call with me or send my team an email at to find out more about my 3-month 1:1 coaching packages. 

But can I really access my own Akashic Records? "...Isn't that just for psychics & empaths?" I LOVE this question because it’s one that I had myself! I used to think “who am I to think I could do this work?”… Until I learned that EVERYONE is intuitive in their own unique way, and it is a muscle that can be built up. So YES - you are already an intuitive being and you can access your own records with practice, commitment, and good intentions in your heart.

How long do we have access to the materials and the private community on Facebook? You will have access to all recordings of the calls and material for the duration of the life of the program. Your private community - aka the Creatrix Coven - is hosted by me on Facebook. At the end of the 90 days, the group will be archived so you can always access it.

What is the refund policy? I wholeheartedly believe in Chronic to Creatrix and have many satisfied students and clients, so I’m pretty sure you’re going to love this program! Due to the nature of this program, there are typically no refunds available. However, if during the first week of the program you decide it’s not for you, you can request a full refund by emailing our team. All refund requests must be made by Friday, January 24 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. After that, there will be no refunds and you are responsible for making all of your payments in full.  

Are there any prerequisites or any other material or equipment costs besides the enrollment cost of the course?? Nope! The only thing I ask is that you come into the program open minded and willing to try new things. I may recommend different tools or holistic healing allies (i.e. foods, herbs, essences, etc) that are helpful, but none of them are required in order to implement this program. You have everything you need already!

Have more questions about the program? Email if you have questions.


Hola! I'm Venessa and I believe that NOW is the time for us to collectively break our lineage of dis-ease by re-membering and re-storying our interconnectedness + right relationship with Mother Earth—and to use our gifts to nourish ourselves and our greater communities.  

I'm here to support the healers & helpers who are willing and READY to dive in to do the deep inner work of self-love and deep transformation so that they can step fully into their truth as heart-focused, revolutionary leaders, healers & guides.  

I know that you are here because something deep inside of you is ready to honor and actualize the gifts you’ve been given to their fullest potential, and because you're ready for embodied expression of your visions, confidence, vibrancy, connection, healing & expansion with your soul’s mission. It would be my honor to hold this powerful vision with you & to support your sacred seeds to grow, evolve and bloom to the fullest! 


Venessa Rodriguez, MS is a Functional Nutritionist, Certified Health Counselor, & Intuitive Nourishment Guide. Through her holistic wellness company Wildly Rooted and her podcast Feed Your Wild, Venessa’s mission is to get to the root of our collective dis-ease & re-member the soul back into medicine through radical nourishment of body, mind, & spirit. Venessa has worked in private practice since 2011 combining the science + spirituality of food & herbs using a modern functional approach, intuitive guidance, and ancestral wisdom from earth-honoring traditions. Venessa is core faculty at Hawthorn Institute and works as a lead nutritionist at Northwest Memory Center in Ashland, Oregon currently supporting patients in the Bredesen ReCODE Protocol study - a holistic approach aimed at reversing cognitive decline as well as conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.  

Venessa has a BA in International Studies from University of Chicago, a Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from University of Bridgeport, and multiple nutrition counseling certifications. Venessa has also been trained in Akashic Soul Records reading, intuitive counsel, and cross-cultural healing techniques rooted in earth-based mystical traditions. She’s currently based in Williams, Oregon where she enjoys podcasting, early morning nature walks, cold plunging in wild rivers, and honoring her roots studying Borikén {Puerto Rican} folk medicine & reviving her abuelas’ traditional recipes.

Doors to Chronic to Creatrix have closed!

Be among the first to know when we open our doors again to go through Chronic to Creatrix Akashic Experience together as a collective...